The Love Story

Vanessa and Alecs met officially a little over 8 years ago! She used to see Alecs longboard while she waited for her bus to high school but never introduced herself. A year later, a good friend of her had a photo shoot with him for her college portfolio. Recognizing him, Vanessa basically demanded that she introduce them. She took the crucial first step and added him on Facebook. Immediately they started chatting and just clicked.

The engagement happened on Valentine’s Day of 2019. For a week leading up to it Alecs wrote Vanessa letters explaining the many reasons he loves her. She thought it was just his gift for Valentine’s, she had no idea! He took her to Victoria Park in Kitchener, where they had spent many countless dates, got on one knee and proposed!

Ask the Bride to Be:

What has been the easiest part of wedding planning (so far?):

Once we figured out the date everything fell into place.

What has been the hardest?:

The date!

Anything you want to share about your journey or love story?:

After dating long distance for 4 years and although it was challenging, it brought us closer and really made us value each other even more than we could have expected. We’re our best friends.

What are you most excited for on your big day?:

Hearing each of us read our vows to one another.

Any advice for other brides?:

Giving yourself enough time to plan everything. We’re getting married at the literal end of the year (New Years Eve) and I’m taking my time getting decor, flowers, etc. and it feels good!