The Love Story

Sabina and Dominik met through a mutual friend who attended university with Dominik in Toronto while she was living and going to school in Waterloo at the time. They were introduced on Sabina's 19th birthday when she just knew she had to get to him better. They were dating by January, spent 4 years semi long distance, and now 8 years later they are getting married! Talk about a really great birthday gift ;)

After living together for 3 years, Sabina was expecting the question to be popped around their 7 year anniversary. Dominik even planned a trip to Collingwood for that weekend - so all signs pointed to this being it! The weekend came, they snowshoed, they brunched, and then....... they left .No proposal. You can imagine that Sabina was thinking, “What the heck” and then, “when else?!” Needless to say the drive home was long and quiet. Sabina stewing in disappointment and Dominik getting very frustrated and panicked as the trip back went on.

It wasn't until they got home that Sabina realized why. Coming through the door, still in a tense silence, she quickly realized there were candles and rose petals everywhere. Pictures of the two of them covered the walls of their apartment and led Sabina to the bedroom where the largest pile of petals were arranged. That's when Dominik got down on one knee and asked Sabina to spend forever with him. Through tears she said yes! Maybe a bit embarrassed by being so disappointed and almost ruining the big moment. And probably a bit impressed with Dominik since he managed to get this whole thing set up with a bit of help from their friends. A real surprise need to be unexpected afterall!

Sabina and Dominik had their engagement shoot in summer and have their wedding next year at the Elora Mill and I personally can't wait to capture what is going to be a spectacular day. Scroll past their Q+A to see highlights from their engagement shoot <3

Ask the Bride to Be:

Q: What has been the easiest part of wedding planning (so far?):

A: Finding the DJ and photographer :)

Q: What has been the hardest?:

A: Finding. The. Dress.

Q: What are you most excited for on your big day?:

A: Seeing Dominik cry during the first look! I really hope he does!

Q: Any advice for other brides?:

A: Start planning ASAP. It’s good to start early and have the time to really execute your vision and even change your mind if you need to.